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The National Insurance Department wishes to set the record straight with respect to certain erroneous statements published in an article that appeared in the Daily Nation on 2020-07-16 captioned “Frustrating wait for disability benefit”.

The article concerned the non-payment of a “disability” benefit to “a former civil servant”.

The NIS also takes the opportunity to educate the public about the invalidity and disablement benefits paid by the Department.


Invalidity benefit is payable to a person under the pensionable age of 67 who is incapable of any form of work as a result of a specific disease or bodily or mental disablement which is likely to remain permanent. Invalidity benefit may be paid as a Grant (a one-off lump sum payment) or as a Pension (a series of periodic payments).


Disablement Benefit is paid following the end of the period for which injury benefit is payable, in respect of suffering from a loss of physical or mental faculty as a result of an employment accident or prescribed occupational disease.

The NIS does not pay “disability” benefits as referred in the article.

Medical Board

A public officer who is retired for medical reasons is placed before a Medical Board by his employer.

The letter communicating the findings of the Medical Board must accompany all applications for invalidity benefit submitted to the National Insurance Department by former public officers.

Consequent upon our investigation into the issues raised in the article, the National Insurance Department has been advised by the relevant authority that the officer’s matter, which had been delayed due to an oversight, is being addressed urgently.

On receipt of the outstanding documentation needed to resolve this matter, the National Insurance Department will process the application accordingly.