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Sickness Benefits
Maternity Grant/Benefit
Unemployment Benefit
Employment Injury
Funeral Grant
Survivors' Grant/Pension
Old Age Non-Contributory Pension
Old Age Contributory Grant/Pension
Invalidity Grant/Benefit


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"You're covered up to the $1006 (per week) or $4,360(per month) of your earnings"

Do you work for an employer or are you self-employed?

Perhaps you are 16 or over and under pensionable age.

If so, you can receive numerous benefits provided by the National Insurance Scheme (NIS):

Maternity Grant/Benefit
Employment Injury
Funeral Grant
Non-contributory Old Age Pension
Old Age Contributory Grant/Pension
Invalidity Grant/Pension

If you're under 16 or over pensionable age you are only covered for Employment Injury Benefit.

What you should know:

In general

Insured persons are covered up to the first $1006 (per week) of earnings or $4,360 (per month) of earnings

If your pension is paid to a friend or relative, or deposited to a bank account, you'll need to submit a life certificate to the National Insurance (NI) Office every two months

About claiming benefits

You should claim your benefits as soon as possible. If not you may be disqualified or even lose the entire benefit

Fill out your claim form completely and correctly especially your national registration number (I.D. card number) and your NIS number

About benefit cheques

Benefits are paid by cheque which can be cashed at any commercial bank. If the payment is less than $500 you can cash it at any post office or the National Insurance Office

Your cheque is valid for six months from the date of the cheque

If you lose it and need it replaced before the six months expire you'll have to fill out a Deed of Indemnity. This means you'll repay the NIS if you find the lost cheque after you receive a replacement one

If you find the cheque after six months but hadn't filled out the deed you should return the cheque and apply to the Board to have it re-issued

Use the links above or those in "In this section" to find out more about our range of benefits.

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