Disruption in Telephone Service

Disruption in Telephone Service - Disruption in Telephone Service

Disruption in Telephone Service at the National Insurance Office

The National Insurance Office would like to advise members of the public that it is currently experiencing challenges with its telephone system, as well as an extremely high volume of calls.

We are working with our service providers to have the matter addressed and we wish to thank the public for its patience and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused.

During this period, you may reach us at the following additional contact numbers and e-mail addresses:

Contact Numbers

PBX: 431-7400

Customer Service: 467-4647

Unemployment: 431-7400 Ext. 1763 to 1768

Pensions: 431-7400 Ext. 1800

Short-term Benefits: 431-7400 Ext. 1744 / 1813

Earnings & Schedules: 431-7400 Ext. 2500

Employer Schedules: 431-7400 Ext. 2502 / 2503 / 2510

Compliance & Inspectorate: 431-7400 Ext. 1400

Severance: 431-7400 Ext. 1500

Registration: 431-7400 Ext. 1600

Online Portal: 431-7400 Ext. 2540

Accounts: 431-7400 Ext. 1200

Collections: 431-7400 Ext. 1300

E-mail Addresses

Unemployment Benefit (Employee Copies Only)


This email address is for employees only to upload their termination certificates (employee U3 forms)

Online Portal




Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificates (Employer Copies Only)


Direct Deposit Forms


Wire Transfers


Contribution Schedules


All Other Queries




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