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Unemployment Claims


Employers should kindly note that the NIS legislation requires that where an employer terminates the services of an employee, the employer MUST give a Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificate to the employee on the date of termination and send a copy to the National Insurance Office within one week of the date of termination.

Where an employee terminates his/her services, the employer MUST submit the copy of the Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificate to the National Insurance Office within 2 weeks of the date of termination.

Employers should send a copy of the Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificates to customer.service@bginis.gov.bb ONLY.

Please note that unemployment is an individual benefit. An employee must complete their own claim form and submit it to employeeU3forms@bginis.gov.bb. Employers should not attempt to apply for unemployment on behalf of their employees.


Employers who have re-employed their employees should download the re-employment spreadsheet from our website at www.nis.gov.bb, complete it and submit it to employer.queries@bginis.gov.bb.

If employees were not re-employed on the expected date of re-employment, employers should also provide employees with the Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificate with the extension dates. The word “extension” should be placed at the top of the Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificate.


Employees who wish to submit a claim for Unemployment Benefit MUST complete the claim form which can be downloaded from our website www.nis.gov.bb. The completed claim along with the Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificate MUST be submitted to employeeU3forms@bginis.gov.bb. In the event that the employer has not given you a Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificate, you MUST still complete the online claim form. The form MUST be submitted within 2 weeks of the date of termination/lay-off.

Employees should submit their Termination of Services/Lay-off Certificate and claim forms to employeeU3forms@bginis.gov.bb. ONLY. Please note one (1) attachment is allowed per email.

Renewal of Unemployment/Declaration

Employees must complete the online Unemployment Declaration Form every three (3) weeks from the date of submission of the claim until re-employment.

All Other Claims

Customers are required to use the drop-box facilities at the north and south sides of the Frank Walcott Building to submit their claim forms (including severance). (The south side drop-box is located roadside just before the entrance to the car park).

Direct Deposit Forms

Claimants of NIS benefits with bank or credit union accounts (Barbados Public Workers’ Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, City of Bridgetown Co-operative Credit Union Ltd, Barbados Workers Union Co-operative Credit Union Ltd.) should download the NIS Direct Deposit form from www.nis.gov.bb. The claimant must complete the form and then submit scanned copies of the Direct Deposit Form along with the header of their bank or credit union statement to  Directdepositforms@bginis.gov.bb


Wire Transfers

For NIS contributions paid by wire transfer, customers should provide the following information to wiretransferpayments@bginis.gov.bb:

  • Account Number
  • Name of Account
  • Address
  • Swift code
  • Bank Name and Address
  • Employer National Insurance Number
  • The value and amount of the wire
  • Period (please specify the contribution period(s) the payment will be settling and whether any interest is included)
  • Actual date sent


The contribution schedule should be forwarded in either manual format or electronically via the NIS Portal.

Contribution Schedules

Employers should submit their contribution schedules via the NIS Online Portal and make their payments through the EZpay+ facility.

To access the Online Portal, employers can register by:

  • Visiting the official website www.nis.gov.bb
  • Downloading the Employer Online Social Security Form and completing it
  • Ensuring the company stamp is affixed
  • Scanning and sending the completed form to earnings@bginis.gov.bb.

The NIS Online Portal also offers employers additional benefits such as viewing the details of earnings reported, reviewing and correcting any errors and checking the balance of contributions paid.

Payment of Contributions

To make payments by credit card or direct debit:

  • Go to www.gov.bb and click on the EZPay+ icon,
  • Create an account and
  • Add National Insurance to the service account. A help link is also located on the page to assist employers with the submission of schedules.


Employers, employees and self-employed persons can contact the NIS Inspectors in the Compliance Section at telephone 431-7400, extensions 1403 to 1417 regarding queries and matters related to compliance.

Clearance Certificates

Customers applying for clearance certificates may do so via the official email address: clearances@bginis.gov.bb. You are required to provide your NIS number, the purpose of the clearance certificate and upload a signed letter.

The approved clearance certificate will be returned via email.


Queries will continue to be facilitated through our Contact Centre using the NIS Telephone number, 467-4647 or e-mail us at customer.service@bginis.gov.bb.

Safety Protocols

For those doing business at the Frank Walcott Building, the following safety protocols are in place:

  • Wearing of cloth face masks
  • Sanitizing of hands-on entry
  • Temperature testing on entry
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet for queues inside and outside the Building

The National Insurance Office thanks you for your co-operation and urges you to continue to maintain healthy and hygienic practices.